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Five Healthier Cooking Habits


How we cook our foods is vital to keeping their nutrients while satisfying our palate. Here are the TOP 5 ways to healthier cooking.


  • Steaming

Our absolute favourite. Steaming fish with vegetables keeps the nutrients intact whilst developing the flavour. The rewarding part is that the dish is oil-free.


2) Roasting

A classic method. Minimal or no oil is required. Always important to let the food sit for 5 minutes after roasting to allow the protein and flavours to pack-back into the meat or vegetables. Also allows for you to get other things done while your meal is being prepared.


3) Grilling

This is a great way to cook if you don’t have an oven for roasting. Use a stove top grill-pan as an alternative.


4) Foil-Wrapped Baking

When using this technique, all the ingredients are sealed and the juices mix resulting in a delicious meal. Fish or Chicken with Vegetables are best used in this method. This is also an amazing method to keep your oven clean!


5) Steam Frying

This method requires. Start by adding vegetables to the pan. As you cook, add spoonfuls of liquid whilst stirring. Use broth, plain filtered-water or white wine for flavour.

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