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How to Stick to your Goals

Are you resolving to live healthier and better? Have you set goals but are not be able to keep them? Do you want to be able to stick to your goals?

Here are 5 ways to achieve your goals.

  • Put Pen to Paper – Write down your goals and set alarms on your mobile device to remind you.
  • Set Realistic Goals – Don’t be hard or too specific. For example, instead of 5 yoga sessions a week, break it down to 5 exercises a week. This could include 2-3 yoga sessions, walking or running. The range makes it more achievable if you’re running out of time or are caught up in your daily activities and chores. Ideally, you should be getting some form of exercise for 30 minutes during those times.
  • Talk to Yourself – Give yourself a pep talk – it might sound silly but it works!! Find a few minutes alone and talk to your inner self. The inner voice in you can help with self-control and discipline.
  • Recruit Help – Ask a family member or someone close to you for help. Sit down with them and explain your goals. Get them to give you a little nudge when you fall off track.
  • Remind Yourself – Place a written sign on a paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror. Example “I want to eat less calories” or “I want to exercise 3 times this week”. The subliminal message everyday starring at you is powerful and will empower the inner you to take action. If you’d like, extend this to other parts of the home you frequently find yourself in

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