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Smooth Berry Booster

Smoothies and juices are a quick way to “eat” your greens and fruits, while keeping you full and healthy! In this week’s “Drink of the Week”, we introduce you to one of our all-time favourites: The Smooth Berry Booster!

You can use ANY of your preferred berries in place of what we’ve used here. Whether you’re opting for fresh or frozen berries, the only difference will be the temperature! Add some ice cubes if you decide to use a fresh batch.

SMOOTH BERRY BOOSTER – Makes 2 cups (or approximately 16 oz)


2 cups of blackberries

1.5cups of coconut water (or filtered water)

3 TBSP of hemp seeds

1 TSP of acai seeds

1/4 TSP of vanilla extract

1/8 TSP of cinnamon powder


Throw everything into a blender and you’re done! Use a fine sieve to strain, if necessary.

Noteworthy Tips:

  • You can replace the hemp seeds with flax seeds or chia seeds.
  • If it’s too “tarty”, add half an apple to sweeten the smoothie.
  • Garnish with some mint leaves to pretty it up.

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