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The Bali Diet aims to provide efficient services on our website. We have kept it as simple and informative as possible so that you can decide what you want, easily.


License to Use The Bali Diet Site

Everything that you find on The Bali Diet website belongs to us. This includes text, pictures and videos under the ownership of The Bali Diet and its company’s owners. Therefore, it is also The Bali Diet’s copyright. If you intend to use any text, videos, images or distribute anything, please seek prior permission from The Bali Diet.
Some of the images used on our website are reproductions sourced from stock photography websites and their licensing conditions have been fulfilled.  

If any of our material is your copyrighted material, we’ll be happy to give you credit or remove it all together. Just let us know!

Intellectual Property Rights (IP)

As much to our knowledge as possible, all images used have fulfilled licensing conditions. We would never, knowingly, profit from someone else’s IP. If you think your IP is being used by us, let us know immediately and we’ll make a change.

What can you do?

If you ask, we may say “yes”, after coming to a mutually beneficial agreement. So please let us know should you want to use any of the material from our website.

What can’t you do?

There’s a specific service that lets us know if someone tries to republish our content. So we ask, politely, that you don’t. We take great care to ensure that all our information published is correct. However, some mistakes might filter through, so we cannot guarantee that it is 100% accurate.

There may be times when the website service might be unavailable. Technology sometimes has its glitches. Should this happen, rest assure that we’re working hard to get it up and running again.

We can safely say that our accountability is only limited to the maximum it can possibly be, under the law. We cannot be held liable nor are we responsible for any direct or indirect loss or damage under our terms and conditions stated here, when using The Bali Diet site.

We will also not be responsible for a loss of business, data, profit, revenue and perceived savings.

Under these Terms & Conditions, nothing shall limit or exclude our liability under the law.


Comments on website and social media platforms.

Although you are free to comment on any post on our site or social networks, we encourage only positive ones. The Bali Diet reserves the right to remove any comment that we find negative, untrue, offensive, unlawful or spam.

Revised Terms & Conditions

The Bali Diet website reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions without notice.

Agreement between Us and You

The Terms & Conditions listed above, as well as our Privacy Policy, embodies the total agreement between The Bali Diet, the owners of the website, any visitor to the site and you, our customer.


The Law
We are governed by Singapore law and any disputes to do with our Terms & Conditions will be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

The Bali Diet Service

The Bali Diet provides information and products in regards to health, cooking, fitness, lifestyle and beauty. This may also come in the form of videos, images and social media messages.

If you have any queries at all, with regards to our Terms & Conditions listed above, please get in touch with us through our contact page! We would be happy to hear from you.


Our Website Privacy Policy

The Bali Diet website is constantly improving its services for all our visitors. As such, the data you input in the site will only be used for further enhancement.

In the world of the internet, it is commonplace to use software that collects certain information like your IP address and location. This helps tell us how long you stayed on our website and how many pages you visited.

The only form of payment The Bali Diet takes is through our main website.

Your Personal Data

Any personal information we have of yours, or ask for is, only to help you. Sometimes, we may ask if you need any further help or services. We will never sell your information and data to any third party. Ever.

Privacy Policy Amendments

If we do happen to make changes to the Privacy Policy agreement, we will let you know once it’s done.

Third Party Sites

We will not be held responsible for any third party sites and their privacy policy.

More Information Needed?

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us through our contact page.


Competition/Giveaways Terms and Conditions

Who Qualifies?

Employees, business partners, friends, and family of The Bali Diet are not eligible to entering any competition or giveaways.

Competitions and/or prize giveaways are open to citizens of the world over 18 only.

Winners will be chosen at random. In the event of any dispute regarding the prize/s and winner/s, the decision of The Bali Diet will be final.


No correspondence or discussion shall be entered into regarding competitions or giveaways.

Marketing Agreement

By entering a competition or giveaway organised by The Bali Diet, you give us your permission for your name and location (country or city name only) to be used in our company marketing materials and press related material including The Bali Diet website, blog and social media platforms.


All winners will be contacted within 15 working days from the closing date of the draw or competition/giveaway.

Winners will forfeit their prize should they not provide a valid email and delivery address within 5 working days from initial contact.

Prize Substitution

It is at The Bali Diet’s discretion to withdraw or cancel the prize/s for any reason and at any time. The company may also change the prize to a prize of a similar value.

Cash Alternatives

No cash alternatives will be offered. To the fullest extent permitted by law, The Bali Diet excludes all warranties, representations, covenants and liability (whether express or implied) regarding the prize.

Only one email per purchase for any completion or giveaway will be considered.

Video and Article Disclaimer

The views and opinions expressed in videos and articles on The Bali Diet website/s or social media platforms are those of the author/s and do not necessarily reflect those of The Bali Diet.

Our Advice


The Bali Diet team is not medically-trained. We can only offer the best advice to our knowledge. Any information or opinion provided by us is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease.

Please note that you should always approach any health queries to your qualified family practitioner.

The Bali Diet
Update February 2017.